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Please visit us through the HOLIDAYS, as we have more weekly specials, sales and incredibly unique items available! Charcuterie Boards and Gift Baskets join forces this year to create a very special gift along with many items that are one-of-a-kind at MountainRose!! 
David checks sugar levels
It is the day we pick! How do we know what day is best?  You want your grapes to be rich in color.  A ripe grape will crush easily, but not be shriveled. A ripe grape is plump, and thickly juicy and tastes somewhat sweet and tart. The crushed grape should smell and taste ripe!
GRAPES ARE SOLD OUT! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO JOINED US THIS YEAR!!  Visit MountainRose Vineyards to pick your own fresh Concord grapes right from the vine! Call the family & tell the neighbors, bring your buckets and clippers! This annual event is a wonderful treat for all ages!
One of the most frequently asked questions in the greenhouse is, “Will the deer eat it? 
Plants and Flowers
Plants need good companions to thrive. Except for growth and fruiting, plants are relatively idle objects. They are rooted in one spot and don’t seem to have much control over their environment. In fact, however, relationships between plants are varied - similar to relationships between people.
Over 75% of our agricultural crops depend on pollinators. Pollinators include more than just butterflies and honeybees. An assortment of wild bees, beetles, moths, bats, wasps, birds, flies, and other insects all play an important role in pollinating plants.
Many flowers are edible! Nothing dresses up a salad, a charcuterie board or cake like flowers. Some tasty blooms are more well-known than others, but with many varieties to choose from you’ll have no trouble surprising guests with a lovely homegrown treat.
Use a smartphone or GPS device to navigate to the provided coordinates. Your Geocache hint is "Wine Flies!". Look for a regular hidden container. When you find it, write your name and date in the logbook. If you take something from the container, leave something in exchange.
1. Not a new kid on the block! Kale is popular now, but people have been growing this super food for more than 2,000 years. Popular in Europe during Roman times and the Middle Ages, it arrived in the U.S. in the 17th century.
A salad garden is dedicated to anything you’d toss in a salad—leafy greens like lettuce and spinach, plus superfood veggie like kale. Today, we’re focusing on cool-season, spring salad materials. Save money at the grocery store and waste less produce by growing your own salad greens at home.
We are very pleased to announce that our Cab Franc drought is over! For our Cabernet Franc fans, this has been a long wait and we are excited for you to try this vintage.